Car Park Renovation

If you’re looking for a one-off deep clean or periodic cleaning we have a solution for you – By using our specialist cleaning tools and our years of experience there isn’t any area we can’t clean. As a car parking company, cleanliness, safety and the overall look of your business can have a dramatic effect on the use of your car park.

First impressions are the difference between great reviews and returning customers, which is instrumental to the success of your business. Understandably, some customers would be the first to point out dirty or unsafe areas, so we put our plans in to action to ensure you receive the best reviews, as well as returning customers.

The use of steam and hot water jet washing machines that reach 150°C is one of the best ways to help break down and reduce the appearance of oil stains, this in conjunction with surfactants & enzymes to collect the contamination is second to none. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted to ensure the correct procedure is undertaken and there is no risk of damage to the surface. Our staff are trained to ensure the best results are achieved on a case-by-case basis.

We use a highly effective system during our clean-up operation to collect all debris, water or chemicals through a filtration & water recovery system, to eliminate contamination into the local drainage systems.

Underground parking/garage. interior of parking