Our Process

We use industrial grade equipment that reaches 150°C to get outstanding results for our customers. We help safeguard the environment by using water recovery and filtration systems to collect wastewater where needed/requested.

We have specialist tools and equipment so we can clean from the ground, WE DO NOT STAND ON YOUR ROOF!

Transform Your Property

With our pressure washing services, we can completely transform the exterior of your property.

From driveway and patio jet washing to graffiti removal and roof cleaning, we can improve its curb appeal and ultimately, its value!

What our customers think…



We’ve answered the frequently asked questions about our pressure washing services. Contact us to find out more.


To be the best you have to join them.
At 19PFM we are always looking for skilled and apprenticeship level roles.


Looking for roof cleaning, driveway or patio jet washing or a one-off graffiti removal? We have a team at the ready.