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We have specialist tools and equipment so we can clean from the ground, WE DO NOT STAND ON YOUR ROOF!

Many people neglect or don’t realise the importance of having their roof cleaned, however, there are a lot of benefits in keeping you roof maintained all year round.

Why you need it…

Improves Roof Aesthetics

A clean roof goes a long way in making your house a home and one of the nicest looking houses on the block.

Improves Health

Prevents mold growing, which can cause health issues.

Increases Home Value

Save money on future expensive roof repairs from bad weather conditions.

Lowers Energy Costs

Algae that forms on your roof turns into dark type stains to protect the bacteria from the sun. Those dark stains soak up the sun and increase the heat of your roof.

Increases Roof Longevity

Kills harmful bacteria that can eat away at limestone on roof shingles.

Let 19PFM Take Care Of It

It’s not too late to book a professional roof cleaner to take care of the dirt and grime on your roof.

Moss removal included in your roof clean

Moss can become problematic on your property and there are around 1000 types of moss in the UK.

As well as protecting your roof, removing moss also boosts the kerb appeal of your home.

Why is it important?

Roof moss will grow in any area that doesn’t get sunlight since it favours dark areas. If trees cast shade on your roof, or your roof faces north, these are ideal conditions for moss to flourish.

Spreading moss gets into the gaps between tiles or shingles. This can cause tiles to lift, which lets in moisture or rainwater. When moisture gets under the tiles, it can cause rot in the structure of the roof itself.

That’s why it’s so important that you keep your roof clean.


Let the experts handle it

Moss removal doesn’t need to be a complicated process but it can be a dangerous one. If you’re not used to working with chemicals or at height, you might not feel safe doing the removal yourself.

Luckily, you don’t need to do this work on your own.  Get a free quote on moss removal today. We service areas across the UK.

Some of our recent work

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